Thursday, February 12, 2009


I like to snowboard.  We went to our Cabin and went snowboarding.  It was very fun.  My favorite part was the black diamond because we were supposed to be on green but we accidentally went on black diamond.  I liked it because we went very fast.  


Mamarazzi said...

Garrett! Wow!! Black Diamond, you are brave!

I am glad you like snowboarding, so do I. I haven't been snowboarding or skiing for about 5 years, I miss it.

Scott said...

Hey G. Glad to see you updated. Nice board. Looks like you guys had a fun time shredding up Kirkwood. Congrats on conquering a black. You need to come out to Colorado with your dad so you two can show me how its done.

hfl said...

Hey, Garrett.

GREAT new Blog!! And you went down Black Diamond on your snowboard. WOW! Keep it up. It is so fun to hear from you. Good picture too.

Love Grandpa

hfl said...

Garrett, I can't believe how tall you are. You look so cool and grown up. I hope you won't ever get too cool to hug me. Thanks for posting a new picture I love it.

Stefani said...

Right on! about the black diamond ... was this when we went? Was Brady with you?